At least I made it to week 2.

Hi all. I made it to week two at least and that feels good! Thanks for all the nice and encouraging comments and the subscriptions (!). I am honored. Last night I started to feel a bit uncomfortable with all this and started asking myself if it is such a good idea to wade through all these events again. I think it was after putting together the Facebook page that it started to feel a bit much. “What if I freak out in mid stride with this project?”. I guess the brain has a way to shield itself from hard times, so there’s a bit of a veil in between me and what happened. Oh well. After a night’s sleep I decided it’s alright.

I also want to extend a thank you to this gal, “Texan in Tokyo” who has posted a bunch of inspirational and clear instructional videos on how to go about on-line comics, plus responding to my messages and sharing some of her experiences in this matter. Thank you Texan!








On-wards and forwards and inwards, and hope you’ll all have a nice week!