2 thoughts on “Week #9 – Dad dreams & realities

  1. Hallo Stefan or Zegge as I remember we called you when you grew up in Sandsbro, Växjö and Sweden.
    I would like to follow your story. Why? Well, you are friend of my son Mattias!
    And to be honest I got my diagnos two years ago yhat I had cancer and that it had spread to my skeleton (sorry if may English istnot perfect).
    Since then I have spent more time than in my whole Life before in the hospital and with my doctors!
    I would like very much to keep in Contact with you and your family. 🙂

    • Hej Lennart, jätteroligt att höra av dej, samtidigt som det var väldigt tråkiga nyheter. Nu är vi sammanlänkade på FB iallafall.

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