About The Artist

Hi and welcome!

This is my first blog and my first comic since I was 12-13. That’s when my buddy Patrik and I were churning out things we thought were funny back in Sandsbro, Sweden.


Sandsbro, the deep south of Sweden.

I’ve kept with the drawing more or less over the years, went to art school, and a few years ago I started doing one off sketches of stuff that happened in my life that I posted on Instagram and Facebook. I don’t know what led to what, but here I am doing this story about my and my family’s big health shake-up. The plan is to finish the story here and then make a book out of it so I can become a millionaire and buy my family a 1 bedroom studio with a complimentary compost toilet in the street for $1.5 mil, right here in the Bay Area!

Again, thanks for coming here and hope you’ll enjoy the story.